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For the Worlds fastest and most refined non-linear data grade

RevoExpress grades up to 6k data today
The RevoExpress data grading system delivers an extraordinary grade quality at any resolution and is already grading 6K files within a single 1U rack demonstrating plenty of headroom in preparation for the release of RED's new data file sizes.

Unique to the market place, Revolution is a high performance grading system for installations where ultra-fine grade quality are top of the agenda. Combined with unique features such as Super Real-Time lay off and direct linear control the RevoExpress is the most versatile system on the market with a sophisticated toolset built for, and aimed at, professional Colorists.



RevoExpress supports the RED Rocket card and offers real time play out of 4K R3D files in source or conform order in very much a 'plug and play' workflow. Converting RED material to all file formats including ProRes, DNxHD, dpx and tiff, the system can either capture the material to storage for use later or you can begin the grade immediately as the first few frames are unpacked. With a single 1U rack the RevoExpress can process 2048 x 1556 files at an astonishing 30fps with every layer and feature involved in the grade. File sizes greater than this can be processed between control adjustment to maintain a real time pipeline.


The Colour Corrector

Evolution Panels - as robust and gorgeous as ever

1U Revolution Image Processor

Scene Change Detector

FastTrack auto tracking


Bezier Primaries and multiple 6 vectors

Unlimited secondaries foreground and background

Key and Image defocus

Clipping, blanking and legalising and so much more...


The Data I/O

Guaranteed performance* XSan and ADIC compatible

Data management software on pre-configured Mac Pro

Play out mixed format and resolution material

Real time spatial processor allows files to be created in other resolutions

Import or create edls and scan lists, add handles to shots

Add keycode, timecode and renumber shots

Creation of Thumbnails with built in viewer to scrub through material


The RED Acceleration Pack

Red Rocket Card, Expansion Rack and Software to accelerate RED performance


The Linear Control Pack

For tape to tape and/or film to tape operation this option will control and sync up to 4 VTR's simultaneously and directly control any telecine or video noise reducer.


*Optional Storage

Pandora can supply RAID storage for the system to guarantee performance. If you have a SAN or fibre channel storage to use and manage yourself then the system will connect directly to it. However, Pandora can not guarantee the performance of your storage solution as the network bandwidth is out of our control.


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