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Revolution PSI PLUTO Pilot


At the heart of any Pandora system is the POGLE workstation. Beating silently, POGLE binds together control of linear devices (telecines, tape decks, noise reducers etc.), non linear storage via YoYo (DPX frames, Quicktimes etc.), provides a link to the human interface via control panels and feeds back information via readouts in the Linux Platinum software display.

Today’s data-centric facilities benefit from systems that can integrate with complimentary devices typically found in any facility. Revolution systems do not need to ingest material into a closed system preferring to work directly from the SAN, not making endless copies for different versions, favoring the real time approach of storing grading decisions in metadata. This way unlimited lists can be recalled, viewed and altered before capturing the graded material making the most efficient use of valuable storage space. In addition to this the Revolution system can instantly switch to control linear devices where scanning the material would be of no extra benefit.

Integration with Avid Unity Isis is seamless and already proven in the field with Revolution working directly from MXF files served in source or conform order via YoYo, resized in real time and captured as data or video.

In fact it is possible to grade lists with not only a mixture of formats but also offline cuts, quicktimes, stills and missing sequences – where a scan list has been produced by YoYo but not scanned yet – as online material becomes available the shots are instantly conformed with grade data applied and an indication as to which sequences have changed.




  • Interface to YoYo for non linear control of data
  • Control and sync upto four vtrs and telecine (if fitted)
  • Five deck editing function
  • 525, 625, 720, 1080 3:2 pull down
  • Insert / assemble – field accurate
  • Control noise reducers and format converters
  • Control any telecine transport, functions and features (option)


  • Proven in the field for over twenty years as the de facto control system
  • Proven to be reliable – some of the first units still working today
  • Proven technology – designed to be future proof and still upgradeable to new device protocols
  • Comprehensive catalogue of device connectivity
  • Comprehensive field adaptability – working alone or sharing colour corrector
pogle & panels