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Display Colour Management Solution from Pandora

Pluto is the multi-purpose Display Management system from Pandora. Designed for use On-Set and in Post-Production, the Pluto is a hardware platform from which various applications can be loaded and applied as demand dictates. 
Choose from one or all of the applications below.
The base unit is supplied with a choice of one app and:
  • Independent variable black and white legal/full controls
  • 15 test patterns for quick monitor analysis
  • Blanking controls


PLUTO features twin HDSDI 3G connections and can be used to transcode from Dual Link 4:4:4 to single link 4:2:2 and or RGB/YUV colour space. Additional output options provide HD-SDI to HDMI conversion.

A "Dual Head" mode allows a single Pluto board to be used with two independent single link monitors with separate LUT's for each display for 16 or 17 point cubes only. Alternatively the device can be used in dual link mode with a single monitor in which case 16/17/32/33 point cubes are possible.


Pluto has a simple control wheel interface and on-screen menu for local control also full remote control operation via 100BaseT Ethernet. Up to 16 LUT's [1D and or 3D] are stored internally using flash memory and can be quickly uploaded using the software utility provided. Fast and simple access to all stored LUT's, Test Patterns and a Safe Area Marker is available directly from the front panel. If the 1U rack is mounted remotely then it is possible to disable the local panel and to drive all functions using only the network interface.

There is a software utility provided [MAC/Windows/Linux versions] to allow remote control and remote administration. Multiple Pluto's can be named and grouped together e.g. per room, department or facility and new LUT's uploaded simultaneously to all or to each unit individually. It is also possible to read the status of all units on the network so that engineering can ensure that the correct LUT's are applied in each area.

Software is provided to read LUT files in multiple formats and is fully compatible with THX Cinespace, Light Illusion LightSpace CMS and TruLight Colour Management tools with support for 16,17,32,33 point cubes.

Patch Generation is included as standard and can be used in conjunction with 3rd party profiling software as part of a "closed loop" monitor profiling solution.  The resulting transform LUT can be loaded and and applied. 





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